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Investors in
innovative heroes

Early partners to the brave Ukrainian entrepreneurs innovating a path to victory and prosperity.


Ukraine’s tech ecosystem is the greatest contrarian investment opportunity of this decade. 


Prior to the war, growth averaged 25% p.a. for >10 years

Sector was the only to grow in 2022 (~24%)

Ranked #4 globally (size of IT workforce) & #4 overall in Global Innovation Index

360k technology professionals (2x Israel's IT workforce)

Low relative investment cost & direct investment exposure to large-scale redevelopment


Our Mission

Secure superior returns & regional prosperity through investment in innovative, early-stage Ukrainian technology startups in the dual-use, AI/ML, cyber, and fintech verticals. 

Green Flag?

For continued growth, founders require financial support, industry expertise, and international market access.

GFV brings founder experience, a deep bench of sector & venture experts, and access to our longstanding relationships with enterprise US buyers, customers, and investors, as well as with the Ukrainian tech ecosystem & government.

"I'm bullish on Ukraine. The country has a lot of potential, and I believe that the current crisis will only make it stronger in the long run."

Marc Andreessen, Cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz (2022)

Founding Partners

Together, we bring passion, experience, credentials, and a deep network.

We've been founders, investors, advisors, and held key roles which enable us to confidently set the ambitious but attainable goal of outsized returns & regional prosperity.

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